The Race For Baja

The Race For Baja is a show about everyday men and women who dream to conquer
the 'Mount Everest' of off-road racing, the SCORE Baja 1000—the most emotional, grueling
and famous off-road race in the world. If they're given the tools and knowledge, do they have
what it takes with no excuses left?

The Format:

In a series of one-hour elimination episodes, ten (10) teams of two (2) drivers will
compete against their fellow man, machine, and the elements of the Mojave Desert, nearly
identical to Baja - home of the legendary SCORE Baja 1000. We also follow the emotional
and personal side of the individuals behind the scenes, instigating drama when possible.

"Baja" challenges highlight alternative recreational activities enjoyed by typical families found
racing in the Baja 1000. During the Baja Challenge the teams will compete on everything
from quads, dune buggies and go-carts; to jet-skis, power boats and catamarans. They will
race through the desert, on short course tracks, in and around Lake Mead, through Primm
Nevada and straight into Vegas, by the time we're through with them. Baja challenge winners
will earn small rewards that make life at a desert base camp more enjoyable.

After the first challenge, the contestants get to recuperate, blow off some steam and make
life in base camp, for better or worse. You don't make any friends on the race track, but
they'll have to try at the camp fire. In the middle of the Mojave desert, like Baja, you only
have your co-driver to turn too and there is no place to run. On the opposite end of the
spectrum, this down time could have the contestants delivering much needed resources
to a local out-reach program, helping with labor on a 'Habitat for Humanity' project, or
taking under-privileged kids on dune-buggy joy rides. Either way, we will get to know the
contestants - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The 'Power' challenge is high-octane training to compete in the SCORE Baja 1000. This
challenge ultimately determines who is going home. The team that finishes last in the 'power'
challenge is eliminated from the competition. In this challenge the contestants will race
identical off-road trucks provided by 'Vegas Off Road Experience' (VORE). The Power
challenge is different each week and might include the following:

The Jumping Challenge — Racing a course designed to condition the drivers on
the 'vertical' aspects of the SCORE Baja 1000.
The Night Challenge — Racing a pitch black course to enhance the drivers' skill in
navigating on a dark desert night in November.
The Boobie Trap Challenge — Racing a course that has booby traps set for our
drivers, which are similar to the actual booby traps the locals are infamous for setting
along the SCORE Baja 1000 course every year.
The Silt Challenge — Racing a course that teaches the drivers how to make their
way through the beds of silt found along the SCORE Baja 1000 race.

Seven teams will be eliminated, three teams will continue to the final episode. The season
finale will feature our fastest three teams in the actual SCORE Baja 1000; racing in their own
fully equipped off-road dream truck down the Baja Peninsula.

In the Season Finale our contestants will race side by side with the legends and
professional racers that compete in this officially sanctioned, globally recognized auto race.
Our show, The Race For Baja, is the first reality-based adventure series in television history
to conclude with such a 'real-life' and world famous event.

Other Cool Stuff:

The Green Race: Starting with the SCORE BAJA 1000 in 2008, SCORE International will
require every vehicle in the race to use unleaded fuel — the first professional race to make
such a dramatic statement toward cutting down greenhouse gas emissions. The Race
For Baja will make this a focal point throughout the series, featuring an entirely 'fuel free'
episode, with an emphasis on bio-fuels whenever possible.

The Equipment: The contestants will race in the challenges using equipment and gear
that is product-placed. Brand presence is unlimited and uncontrived while reaching a wide
demographic for the series. Recreational off-roading is a $100 billion industry.

For example, V.O.R.E builds off-road racing Trucks for their Adventure Company (much like
scaled-down SCORE Trophy Trucks), and is committed to providing these vehicles for the
show. More so than most non-scripted shows, The Race For Baja presents unparalleled
opportunity to capitalize on cutting-edge marketing trends, which focus primarily on Brand

The Virtual Toy Box: is a digital, off-road themed, "Toys-R-Us". Only Power Challenge
winners earn a trip to the Toy Box, where they can choose racing accessories provided by
our sponsors. These rewards go home with them regardless of their fate on the show.

SCORE International President & CEO, Sal Fish: SCORE International is giving full
support to The Race For Baja. Mr. Fish is a direct partner of the Baja Group. SCORE'S
powerful presence in Mexico is important for access to the Baja Peninsula and support from
the Mexican government. With forty years of SCORE experience, Mr. Fish and the brand he
created will be a key to success.